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Web Projects


Navicet is a design consultancy focused on delivering business value, by building design-led teams, organizations, and companies to create a competitive advantage. I was involved in the concept development process for Navicet's online presence; I am also responsible for the design, creation, and maintenance of their website. The intent is a highly selective and strongly branded professional services site, making use of parallax scrolling and evocative imagery to both affect and inspire the user. You can find it, and more about the Design Process, at


Lantern Innovation Labs is a different kind of social innovation lab. For non-profits that help families, they design, test, and deliver pragmatic innovations in order to stop inter-generational poverty. To create a new site for a unique partnership between two companies, I was tasked with incorporating both of their identities in one cohesive brand. I designed their logo in addition to the site itself.

Website Re-designs



The Prosperity Agenda: Partnering with non-profits and government agencies to design programs that build financial wellness for families.

Portraits of Life at Work. Find a window into how people feel about their workspace and jobs through photos and interviews.