Ax Mandrews Design


If you're looking for a designer to gather requirements, disappear into a cubicle for a month, and come back with a single solution, I'm probably not the right designer for your team. I like to communicate visually, iterate quickly, and gather and incorporate feedback throughout the design process - from early sketches to high fidelity clickable prototypes. I want to understand the problem we're solving and how that links back to creating business value and delightful products. In my design decisions I focus on people, their goals, and their context as they interact with a product.

When I'm working with an engineering team I make it my priority to translate my designs into artifacts that are comfortable for the developers to consume and meet them where they're at - whether that's redlines, clickable prototypes, or generating CSS. Collectively, it's up to us to launch great products into the world.


“Max goes fast. This is easy to see at the race track, which wasn't a big surprise, since he put over 40,000 miles on the Ducati Monster before he traded it in for, yes, another Ducati. His affinity for motorcycles led him to spend most of his formative years working in motorcycle shops.

But, it turns out he's also a pretty fast study in lots of other areas, like math, science, music, and (surprise!) design. Deciding to take a break from motorcycles for a bit, Max started his journey in Web Design with a small Strategic Design Consultancy. The plan originally was to have him help build a new website for the company and in return they would build his design muscles. Turns out he got fit fast, which given his propensity for speed, suits him just fine.

Since that first web site, one thing led to another and it became clear that Max found his new calling. Now, he spends his days building delightful new user experiences and bending Adobe Creative Suite to his will.

Max is a motorcycle rider, abalone free-diver, ethnomusicologist, and introverted design enthusiast.”

- Peter Moon, CEO @ Navicet