Ax Mandrews Design



THE Context

Supirb is a card-based, socially-driven recommendation platform for communities and organizations that want to collaborate more effectively—a sort of Pinterest for Angie’s List. Supirb has the potential to spark a new model of advertising, shifting from impressions to inquiries and referrals based on endorsements from the people you trust the most.


I was part of the application design team for Supirb 3.0. I participated in collaborative design sessions along with the technical lead, the founder, a visual designer, and product manager, where I helped resolve some of the most difficult interaction, information architecture, and conceptual challenges.


I built all the interactive prototypes in Axure to enable user testing and iteration. I partnered with a Visual Designer who was responsible for the visual treatment - colors, graphics, and font. I built the interactive prototype which the developers used to inform their coding efforts. I am co-author on patent “Online Social Referral Network” #14/923,250. The Supirb web application is in production today.