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THE Context

The goal of this project was to create an industry B2B SaaS web application, based on automating a mature business practice of customer experience mapping, for a leading consulting company in that space.


I joined the design team as it was formed. While the product concept was defined in several different expressions, the flow and coherence hadn't come together yet. As a team we sketched out new flows and information models, bringing all of the design concepts to life in Adobe XD. We held daily and sometimes twice a day reviews with our stakeholders to keep pace with the quickly evolving concepts. I evolved loose product concepts into refined interactive models and visual designs. The development team, operating on weekly Agile sprints, used the Adobe XD prototype as a guide for their coding efforts.


The work resulted in a comprehensive interactive spec in Adobe XD that was reviewed by the engineering team and deemed suitable to code against. Due to confidentiality I'm not able to share the designs at this time, maybe someday.