Ax Mandrews Design


Hi, I'm Max Andrews; here's what I've been working on lately.

My Process

If you're looking for a designer to gather requirements, disappear into a cubicle for a month, and come back with a single solution I'm probably not the right designer for your team. I like to communicate visually, iterate quickly, and gather and incorporate feedback throughout the design process - from early sketches to high fidelity clickable prototypes. I want to understand the problem we're solving and how that links back to creating business value and delightful products. In my design decisions I focus on people, their goals, and their context as they interact with a product.

When I'm working with an engineering team I make it my priority to translate my designs into artifacts that are comfortable for the developers to consume and meet them where they're at - whether that's redlines, clickable prototypes, or generating CSS. Collectively, it's up to us to launch great products into the world.